Mikrotec Internet Services Rules and Regulations and Acceptable Use Policy

By using the services and resources owned by Mikrotec Internet Services, you agree to abide by the following Rules and Regulations and Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP” for short). For the purpose of this AUP, the Customer shall sometimes be referred to as [User(s)]. Although a great majority of these provisions have the dial-up client in mind, the general provisions are equally applicable to our Web Development and dedicated access clients.

The Internet is a far reaching communications medium. The Internet can be used to communicate with colleagues, to research demographics, and to transmit business communications, but the Internet and the Mikrotec Internet Services computers you use to connect to it are shared with thousands of others users. Therefore, Mikrotec Internet Services has constructed a list of Rules and Regulations to provide a better understanding of how to use this service. This document also details your rights and responsibilities as a Mikrotec Internet Services subscriber.

1. Privacy
2. Account Suspension and Cancellation
3. File Transfer Restrictions
4. Change of Terms, Condition and Services
5. System Use Policies
6. Roaming
7. Information Policy
8. Procedures & Accounting Matters
9. User responsibility
10. The Strictly Legal Stuff
11. Disclaimer and limitation liability
12. Indemnification

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