The Internet is rapidly growing to become the number one source for information at the touch of a button. Mikrotec Internet Services provides fast, local access to 64 counties in Kentucky. Being so widespread, our agentry program is a perfect way for other places of business to gain extra dollars while assisting us to gain more customers.

What is in it for you?
  •     A free local dial up account with two e-mail addresses
  •     Sum of one month’s service per dial up customer you sign up with Mikrotec
  •     One time compensation for referrals for other services (up to $50 ea)
What do you do?
  •     Help people “get on” Mikrotec

This is an awesome opportunity to have an advantage over other competing stores. The ability to give your customer something a little extra (not to mention yourself) For more details on building a relationship with Mikrotec call 1 888 794 2500



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